The impact of color printing in the business environment is often overlooked and undervalued. Marketing materials are specifically designed to grab the reader’s attention, and color is a major factor in allowing these designs to “pop.” However, it’s not just marketing materials that need to stand out. Presentations, sales proposals, and invoices are other examples of materials that can benefit from the use of color. If you are trying to get a message across to someone (no matter what the message or who the audience is), color undeniably pulls in your reader, giving you better odds of delivering your message. In fact, in comparison to black and white materials, color improves brand recognition by 80%.

Color is more affordable than you think
Color printing gets a bad rap when it comes to cost, one that it doesn’t deserve. The truth is, with today’s printer technology, many color printers are comparable in cost to their black and white counterparts. Not to mention, today’s color printers offer print speeds that outmatch traditional printers. There’s also the added benefit of usage restriction and color regulation, giving you the control to manage your printing costs in relation to your budget.

Maximize your marketing
Spreading the word about your business is the key to boosting profits. To do so, you need an effective marketing department that has the right tools to broadcast your company’s message. A high-quality color printer will produce high-quality outputs that your customers are bound to notice. When your creative team puts together a design, the final product will only be as good as your color printer will allow.

Tips for color usage
It’s important to use your colors strategically. Play around with different color options to find the right combination that works best for your unique marketing approach. Utilize colors to highlight important areas such as phone numbers and call-to-actions. Studies have shown that response rates are higher when key information is emphasized in color.

To stay relevant with the marketing efforts of today’s top companies, more and more businesses are turning to high-quality color printing solutions to effectively market their initiatives. If you are looking for an affordable color printing solution that meets the needs of your business, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.