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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Simple Steps to a Greener Office

Every business and individual team member plays a part in good corporate citizenship by conforming to agreed-upon sustainability initiatives. The key to a greener office is making good environmental citizenship easy for employees to enact. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to green your office. If your business is attempting to boost sustainability efforts, consider [...]

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When Is a Short-term Equipment Rental Right for Your Business?

Bringing a piece of office equipment, like a copier or printer, into your business may seem like a big commitment, but it doesn’t have to be. Short-term equipment rentals allow you to pay for the use of equipment for a specific time period, rather than committing to a lease or making a purchase. Rental equipment [...]

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MPS Basics: All About Managed Print Services

For many companies, printing is the last thing they want to worry about. Out of all of the aspects that it takes to run a business—from human resources and marketing, to sales, operations and accounting—printing just doesn’t rise to the top of the priority list. Unfortunately, neglect isn’t always benign. Managed Print Services (MPS) is [...]

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