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Document Imaging

The Importance of Securing Your Scan and Capture Technology

The ability to quickly scan and digitally capture paper documents helps increase efficiency in the workplace. However, any technology that handles our sensitive data can make us more vulnerable to hackers or others who may use that information for nefarious purposes. Because of this, it is up to each company to make sure their scan [...]

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Why Smart Businesses Take Advantage of Scanning Solutions

If you happen to be using office space inefficiently or want to find your important files and documents in a much easier fashion, it's likely that you've thought about converting your physical files into digital format. That's right, converting your hard copy documents into electronic versions can be the answer your business needs in more [...]

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Get Your Employees on the Same Page with Digital Documents

The idea of collaboration amongst employees is nothing new. Businesses have been searching for ways to fine-tune and maximize their collaboration efforts for years. Just ten years ago, paper documents were an essential component to collaboration. Projects were printed out, distributed by hand for review and individual edits, then updated after everyone involved made individual [...]

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To Infinity and Beyond: Scan Directly to the Cloud

Cloud technology has found its way into more and more businesses—both large and small—over the past several years. As a growing technology that provides organizations with the tools to access their information at any time from any place, cloud technology is a must-have solution in today's digital era. In this blog post we’ll dig deeper [...]

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The Advantages of MFP-based Imaging

Odds are your office has a multifunction printer (MFP)—an all-in-one device with print, scan, copy, and fax functionalities. These machines offer convenience with an array of features that your office needs in a compact, space-saving, “green” package. Advantages of MFPs are boundless, but what about your device’s imaging capabilities, specifically? Are you using the scanning [...]

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How Every Business Can Get Ahead with Document Imaging

Despite the shift towards less paper in the workplace, every business still seems to rely in part on paper—whether it’s holding onto years-old, archived material or managing document-based processes. Fortunately, document imaging can give every business logistical freedom and better access to information. Read on to learn how document imaging can help your business get [...]

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How Scanners Can Change the Way You Do Business

Technology has already significantly changed the way you do business, from e-commerce to e-mail to web conferencing. But many companies have yet to embrace one technology that can drastically improve collaboration and efficiency: scanning technology. Read on to learn a few ways scanners can change how you do business. ? Storing Files Becomes More Efficient [...]

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