Technology has already significantly changed the way you do business, from e-commerce to e-mail to web conferencing. But many companies have yet to embrace one technology that can drastically improve collaboration and efficiency: scanning technology. Read on to learn a few ways scanners can change how you do business.

? Storing Files Becomes More Efficient — Scanners give you the power to transform paper documents into digital data. Instead of aisles of file cabinets or bankers boxes, you can store your files on a hard drive, which takes up far less space and eliminates the need for manually filing and searching for documents. You can even program your scanner to scan directly to disk—meaning you simply choose the destination from the device’s touch screen and the scanner handles the rest.

? Retrieving Information is Simplified — With scanning, you’re able to enlist the power of your computer to do your heavy lifting for you. Optical character recognition (OCR) enables you to locate documents quickly, and once you’ve opened your preferred document you can easily search its contents.

? Collaboration Gets Easier — Sharing a paper document is a logistical nightmare. Passing it back and forth, checking inboxes, trying to figure out who has it… Once you’ve done all that, your document then becomes a mess of sticky notes and red pen marks as it undergoes edits. Share documents digitally and your nightmare is over—multiple individuals can access a file, you can add comments or make revisions, and version control will enable you to retrace your steps, if needed.

? Security is Heightened — Scanning documents provides security options that you just can’t get with paper. You can define which employees can access files and you can store them securely on encrypted drives. An audit trail keeps track of who accessed or changed files and when they were accessed, which is especially important for regulatory compliance.

? Be Prepared for Disasters — Scanned documents are easy to backup—a single hard drive can store as many documents as a designated storage unit. Make sure copies of your backup are stored in a variety of locations, including your office, an offsite location, and in the cloud, and you’ll be well on your way to robust disaster recovery plan.

Scanners can empower your business, from improving records management efficiencies to transforming searches and collaboration. Moreover, you’ll be more secure and better prepared in the event of disasters or data loss. To use scanning to change your business for the better, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.