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Going Green

Recycle Toner Cartridges for a Greener Office

Despite our world going digital, the reality is paper is still an essential component of daily life in the workplace. No matter how much we try to eliminate it, we’re definitely not anywhere close to a truly paperless office yet. That being the case, it makes good business sense for companies to make an effort [...]

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Green Your Office with Sustainable Printing

Printing…the modern office simply can’t live without it. However, conventional printing practices can be rough on the environment. There are the resources required to produce paper, and many inks are produced using heavy petroleum distillate, which is a fossil fuel product. If your office is looking for ways to go green how it does business, [...]

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Simple Steps to Print Greener

April 22 marks another Earth Day, and there could be no better time to make the commitment for your company to print greener in the name of corporate responsibility. To help you get started, here are six simple steps to transition your workplace to a more sustainable, eco-friendly office. Conduct a Print Environment Assessment - [...]

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Simple Solutions to Print Greener

Predictions of a paperless office have been around for years, but paper documents don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. While printing may still be a necessity in the modern office, it comes with an environmental cost. Paper, ink, and the printers themselves each take a small toll on the environment. While we can’t [...]

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How Your Print Strategy Can Boost Sustainability

Today’s businesses are increasingly looking to find new ways to go green and embrace sustainability. Print strategy and infrastructure is often an overlooked area when it comes to this initiative. Fortunately, a few changes to your print strategy can have a major impact on your organization’s sustainability. A social responsibility Let’s start out with the [...]

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Will a Green Office Increase Productivity?

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase productivity. Of course, more productivity leads to a better bottom line, which is a priority for all organizations. However, a commonly overlooked concept when it comes to boosting productivity is running a green office. Believe it or not, the environmental factors of your office play [...]

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What ENERGY STAR Certification Means to Your Office and the Environment

Going green at the office takes planning and strategizing. Your organization will need to take a look at its current operations and then find ways to implement green initiatives amongst them. These initiatives will be designed to positively affect the environment, but as an added bonus can save your company money. One effective and easily [...]

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Making Your Office More Sustainable

More than ever, today’s businesses are focused on being green and creating sustainable workplaces. Not only is an environmentally friendly approach good for the health of our planet, but it can also help save money for your company. Here are some simple tips to help you embrace a green approach to conducting business by operating [...]

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Toner Recycling: How One Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

Toner is a necessary part of business today. Although we strive to move toward a paperless office, business owners across America know that paper is a critical component of executing day-to-day business processes. And with paper comes toner. But as the printers and multifunction devices evolve to become technology powerhouses that are able to streamline [...]

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