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Seeing the Big Picture: Wide Format Printing

Many businesses have begun utilizing wide format printing as a means for creating their marketing and advertising materials. So why are businesses bringing these devices in-house? Well, one of the major benefits of printing in a wide format is that it allows a business to make more powerful pieces for advertising purposes. Wide format printing [...]

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Why Smart Businesses Take Advantage of Scanning Solutions

If you happen to be using office space inefficiently or want to find your important files and documents in a much easier fashion, it's likely that you've thought about converting your physical files into digital format. That's right, converting your hard copy documents into electronic versions can be the answer your business needs in more [...]

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Why Your Business Needs Managed Print Services

Does your business manage all of its printing in-house? If so, you’d benefit from outsourcing the management of your printing environment through Managed Print Services (MPS.) Here are the answers to some of the common questions asked about MPS. What is Managed Print Services? Managed Print Services is a partnership that outsources the management of [...]

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How Going Paperless Benefits the Financial Sector

If you own or manage a business in the financial sector, you may be thinking about going paperless. More companies than ever are going digital due to the numerous benefits of doing so. However, you may find yourself wondering if this move is good for your organization. To help you make that choice, here are [...]

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Why Your Office Printer Poses a Major Security Risk

Let’s play a word-association game. When you hear the phrase “cybersecurity breach,” what comes to mind? An action hero infiltrating your server room with a utility belt full of spy tools? Or a room full of cyberpunk hackers with all the latest high-tech equipment mashing away on their keyboards, perhaps? This is what popular culture [...]

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Green Your Office with Sustainable Printing

Printing…the modern office simply can’t live without it. However, conventional printing practices can be rough on the environment. There are the resources required to produce paper, and many inks are produced using heavy petroleum distillate, which is a fossil fuel product. If your office is looking for ways to go green how it does business, [...]

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Reduce Costs with Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Services (MPS) can help your business to increase its efficiency and save on printing costs. Unfortunately, many businesses have never heard of MPS or are unsure of what it is and how it can help. If this applies to you, here’s a primer about Managed Print Services and what it can bring to [...]

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Choosing a Printer: Inkjet or Laser?

Making the decision between an inkjet and a laser printer can be confusing. Before you make a choice, consider the volume of printing your business will do on a daily basis, whether print speed is important, and how much graphic detail your printing jobs require. These considerations will help you make an educated decision. In [...]

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Why Your Business Should Implement a Document Management Solution

Every organization would benefit from having a robust document management solution. It’s a highly efficient system that manages and stores legacy files and other processes that have paper-based originals, along with all of the digitized files. Everything is either created in, or converted to, a digital format for improved ease-of-access and document control. Most businesses [...]

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What to Look for In a Multifunction Printer (MFP)

Choosing the right multifunction printer (MFP) comes from a thorough evaluation of the needs of your organization or company. Based on those needs, you must then evaluate the performance characteristics of each multifunction printer under consideration to determine an MFP that provides an adequate solution to address those needs. This step-by-step guide will help you [...]