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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Ways Managed Print Services Can Improve Workflow

When it comes to taking your business to the next level, day to day operations can make a significant difference. Even small delays add up to many inefficiencies over the course of the year. You also don't want your talented employees wasting their time on old-fashioned equipment. It may be time to streamline your printing [...]

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The Importance of Backup and Recovery for Your Business

Businesses today must be able to back up their data and have the ability to recover it in the event of a data loss. It’s not an option. However, while awareness about the importance of backup and recovery has risen over the past two decades, 58 percent of small businesses are still unprepared for a [...]

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Is Your Company’s Printer Up to the Challenge?

Your company may operate in the Digital Age, but a reliable printer remains an absolute necessity in the current business environment. Many owners and executives make the mistake of choosing their printing equipment based solely on price. When taking this approach, it probably won’t take long for you to regret this decision. Whether your device [...]

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How Document Management Software Can Reduce Costs

In the simplest form, document management software is an application that carries out document handling tasks like archiving of old documents, creation, organization, sharing, retrieval, and other official activities usually done on/with documents. The major advantages of digitalizing the management of your documents are speed and accuracy. Since business managers, CEOs, COOs, and CIOs are [...]

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