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Keys to a Strong, Robust Business Continuity Plan

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that you can never be too prepared. As a business, being prepared means many things, but the pandemic has also demonstrated how crucial it is to be ready to respond to disruption from a crisis or disaster. Whether it’s a pandemic, natural disaster, human negligence, or [...]

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How Office Technology Can Impact Your Marketing Department

Today’s office technology devices play such a vital role in the workflows of businesses large and small. From large corporations to modest Mom and Pop operations, modern office equipment like copiers and printers handle a great deal of our workloads and automate many tedious manual tasks. But did you know your office technology could also [...]

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The Finishing Options Available for Your MFP Today Are Endless

The modern multifunction printer (MFP) leaves its predecessors in the toner dust. These smart, versatile workhorses combine the capabilities of multiple other devices and play an invaluable role in the workflows of offices around the world by optimizing efficiency. However, many companies fail to take full advantage of their MFPs by ignoring the beneficial finishing [...]

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Cut Your Printing Costs with Compatible Toner

Every business owner knows that printing tends to be one of the more expensive aspects of running an efficient and productive office space. Hundreds—sometime even thousands—of documents and other pieces are printed every day in many businesses. The truth is that all of this printing is not free, even when the printer is your own, [...]

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The ROI of Managed IT Services Explained

Managed IT Services is an excellent way for most businesses to get a significant return on investment, but many operators don’t fully understand what it means. Essentially, any IT work that is outsourced falls under the category of Managed IT. This can range from fully replacing in-house staff with an outsourced provider to merely supplementing [...]

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Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Before Leasing Office Equipment

Making the decision to lease office equipment instead of committing to purchasing new office equipment can be a smart and cost-efficient decision for your business. There are many pros when it comes to leasing office equipment, including low upfront costs and flexible payment plans. If you are considering leasing office equipment for your company, Golden [...]

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How MPS Can Help Your Business Cut Costs

It is every organization’s goal to save as much money as possible to help ensure it generates a profit. But, as important as this is, spending money wisely is also a challenge. It’s nearly impossible for a business to keep track of every penny it spends, particularly when it comes to printing costs. In fact, [...]

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Maximize Document Scanning with OCR Technology

The ability to digitize documents with scanning technology is an enormous asset for many companies. Unfortunately, converting paper documents to digital typically produces documents as one solid file rather than allowing users to search content for specific keywords and data. To combat this, businesses now have the option to utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, [...]

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Easy Ways to “Green” Your Print Environment

Most responsible business owners are interested in moving toward environmentally-friendly business practices, as a company’s sustainability has become a factor for customers when deciding who they do business with. A great place to start is in your print environment, where there are plenty of things you can start doing today to make your office more [...]

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The Facts about Faxing: Why Faxing Remains Relevant

At first glance, faxing may seem like an outdated technology. The trusty fax, however, with its landline-based data transmission and physical presence, remains relevant even in today’s digital environment. Read on to learn what keeps faxing a favorite. Security — Faxes get from one machine to another through traditional land-based telephone lines, and that’s where [...]

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