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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Compatible Toner FAQs

Like any field, printing has its own obscure terminology that can be lost on those not in the industry. One term you have probably seen when shopping for printer toner is “compatible,” as in “compatible toner” or “compatible toner cartridge.” What does this mean, and how does it affect you and your business? We’ve assembled [...]

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Easy Ways to “Green” Your Print Environment

Most responsible business owners are interested in moving toward environmentally-friendly business practices, as a company’s sustainability has become a factor for customers when deciding who they do business with. A great place to start is in your print environment, where there are plenty of things you can start doing today to make your office more [...]

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BLI Announces Color Printing Awards – Lexmark Wins Big

While competition in the color printing environment is substantial, printer manufacturer Lexmark is among the best this year, according to a recent announcement from BLI, also known as Buyer’s Lab. A variety of Lexmark models were recently announced as part of BLI’s Summer 2016 Pick Awards, with recognition as outstanding color printers and multifunction devices. [...]

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How Scanners Can Change the Way You Do Business

Technology has already significantly changed the way you do business, from e-commerce to e-mail to web conferencing. But many companies have yet to embrace one technology that can drastically improve collaboration and efficiency: scanning technology. Read on to learn a few ways scanners can change how you do business. ? Storing Files Becomes More Efficient [...]

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Clear Signs Your Business Needs an MPS Solution

With all of the tasks that are on your plate, transitioning to Managed Print Services (MPS) can seem like a process you can put off for a while. Change is always a bit of a pain, so you’ll put it off until… later. If you’re not sure whether MPS is a good fit for you, [...]

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Why Bring Color Printing In-house?

Color printing used to be the purview of print shops and large enterprises. SMBs had little choice but to outsource their color printing jobs if they wanted professional-looking results. However, today’s technology has made it possible to get print shop quality from right down the hall at an affordable price. Check out the top reasons [...]

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