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Monthly Archives: August 2019

What to Know When Purchasing a Copier for Your Business

The hustle and bustle of small businesses, enterprises, and kick-starter groups in San Francisco are seemingly never-ending. Having an up-to-date work environment, tech-wise is vital to your office team’s successful resource management and service options alike. When it comes to efficient document creation, storage, and security, your copier fleet is among your office’s most valuable [...]

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Why Your Office Printer Poses a Major Security Risk

Let’s play a word-association game. When you hear the phrase “cybersecurity breach,” what comes to mind? An action hero infiltrating your server room with a utility belt full of spy tools? Or a room full of cyberpunk hackers with all the latest high-tech equipment mashing away on their keyboards, perhaps? This is what popular culture [...]

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Green Your Office with Sustainable Printing

Printing…the modern office simply can’t live without it. However, conventional printing practices can be rough on the environment. There are the resources required to produce paper, and many inks are produced using heavy petroleum distillate, which is a fossil fuel product. If your office is looking for ways to go green how it does business, [...]

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Can You Improve Workflow with a Multifunction Printer (MFP)?

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase efficiency. For a business looking for a multifunction printer in San Francisco, here are some ways that an MFP improves workflow. MFP Compact Size Saves Floor Space San Francisco companies use a multifunction printer because of its compact size and usefulness in offices where the cost of [...]

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