The hustle and bustle of small businesses, enterprises, and kick-starter groups in San Francisco are seemingly never-ending. Having an up-to-date work environment, tech-wise is vital to your office team’s successful resource management and service options alike. When it comes to efficient document creation, storage, and security, your copier fleet is among your office’s most valuable resources.

Are your workplace’s copiers up to par with today’s leading options? If you’re investing in new tech, you’ll need to consider a few things. To strike a balance between investment expenses and efficient copier features, check out the pre-purchase checklist below.

One: Determine Your Print Volume Needs

Every business culture is defined by its workflow. How many document copies do you need? How often will you need them? You’ll need to determine the overall volume of physical document creation before selecting a copier. While some copiers prioritize cost-efficient toner changes, others focus on maximized visuals to reproduce stunning graphic design creations.

If you sign up for a service agreement during your purchase, you might limit your monthly page copy limit. Before browsing copiers, record your office’s weekly page production. Then, estimate your volume needs, mass duplication needs, and less-prominent workflow occurrences.

Two: Do You Need a Multifunction Copier?

Office technology has come a long way—and the most cutting-edge copiers feature multifunctional designs. Could your workplace benefit from a unit capable of printing, scanning, fazing, and copying within a single device? A multifunction copier might save your management time, money, and stress.

Multifunction copiers save office space, too, maximizing workflow while unifying your business’s departments. If your employees share equipment often, and if it has high workflow demands—this type of copier is your best bet.

Three: What About Security and Storage?

These days, device network security and file storage go hand-in-hand. The latest copier models feature wireless access, enabling remote printing. As such, the best copier to purchase is one with a powerful network security authentication system.

It should also have document storage, transfer, and categorization options. Up-to-date devices feature hard drive storage—letting office teams access template-style documents regularly. Make sure the printer you’re considering can accommodate high-volume storage, and compare different hard drive features to handle your business’s workflow successfully.

Your San Francisco Provider Can Help

If you’re ready to upgrade your office, enhance your team’s efficiency, and bolster your file storage protection, give us a call today. With a massive inventory of the latest, greatest copier options available, Golden Gate Office Solutions is always ready to provide the best options around. Contact us today to narrow down your product search to meet your office’s production needs.