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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Maximize Document Scanning with OCR Technology

The ability to digitize documents with scanning technology is an enormous asset for many companies. Unfortunately, converting paper documents to digital typically produces documents as one solid file rather than allowing users to search content for specific keywords and data. To combat this, businesses now have the option to utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, [...]

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Repair vs. Replace: What Makes Sense When

Technology can be difficult to manage at times. Computers, printers, and other office technology are machines that can break down. Your devices can be slow or unable to keep up with the workflow demands of your office. When problems arise with technology in the office, it usually becomes a question of whether it can be [...]

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Quality Meets Affordability: Printing Solutions for Every Office

Every individual is unique. As such, it is unrealistic to expect different people to share the same characteristics, to do things the same way, or to have the same needs. Similarly, this perspective is easily applicable to businesses. No two offices are the same, as each workplace is made up of different team members, functions [...]

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Why It Makes Sense to Choose a Local Solutions Provider

Every business owner has to make some tough decisions when selecting vendors and business partners. Your partner must have your best interest in mind with a core mission of helping you succeed. Sure, a national organization might provide you with the basics, but your perfect partner might also be your neighbor. Here are a few [...]

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What’s Your Backup Plan? Top Reasons You Need a Backup and Recovery Strategy

Have you taken the time to plan for the worst? You cannot assume that your business is immune from natural disasters, like fires and floods, or security breaches, like cyberattacks and ransomware. In fact, more businesses than ever are experiencing lost files and downed networks. That’s where a dedicated Backup and Recovery Strategy comes into [...]

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Toner Recycling: How One Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

Toner is a necessary part of business today. Although we strive to move toward a paperless office, business owners across America know that paper is a critical component of executing day-to-day business processes. And with paper comes toner. But as the printers and multifunction devices evolve to become technology powerhouses that are able to streamline [...]

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Is Your Office Equipment Secure?

Are you taking as much time to secure your printers and MFPs as you are to protect your servers and email portals from hackers? If not, you should be. Nearly 90 percent of companies have experienced a breach of some kind, and oftentimes those breaches have been traced back to imaging equipment. Networked imaging devices [...]

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