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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Why Offsite Backup is Important

Offsite backup is a method of backing up data to another external server. It can also be done on other media (tapes, for example) that are moved from your location to another more secure site. Offsite backup is extra insurance and an important part of business continuity planning. Three main advantages of your offsite backup: [...]

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Simple Solutions to Print Greener

Predictions of a paperless office have been around for years, but paper documents don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. While printing may still be a necessity in the modern office, it comes with an environmental cost. Paper, ink, and the printers themselves each take a small toll on the environment. While we can’t [...]

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Never Let a Supply Shortage Interrupt Your Workflow

The last thing any business needs is a workflow bottleneck due to a supply shortage. With all of the money you have invested in your employees and equipment, falling short on supplies should never be the reason for operations to come to a halt. Unfortunately, for many companies, it happens far too often. However, there [...]

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Leasing vs. Buying Office Equipment

As your business grows, you'll probably need more and more equipment to keep up with demand. This can lead to multiple costs for your company. You'll need to purchase the equipment, maintain it, and have it repaired. Leasing office equipment may be a more cost-effective solution here. Many businesses lease items that see heavy use. [...]

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