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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Today’s Printers Have Lapped Their Predecessors

The modern workplace is constantly evolving. With so many new advancements in technology over the past decade or so, today’s office environments have become well-oiled machines designed to facilitate and optimize productivity. However, even with the evolution of the modern office, printers and copiers remain extremely valuable devices that businesses heavily rely on to function [...]

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Can You Trust Your Service Technician?

Every business relies on its office technology on a regular basis to maximize the efficiency of their workflows. Modern offices operate with the aid of a unique set of office technology devices, such as printers, copiers, mailing systems, etc. We tend to take this technology for granted…until there’s a problem. When an office equipment issue [...]

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Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Before Leasing Office Equipment

Making the decision to lease office equipment instead of committing to purchasing new office equipment can be a smart and cost-efficient decision for your business. There are many pros when it comes to leasing office equipment, including low upfront costs and flexible payment plans. If you are considering leasing office equipment for your company, Golden [...]

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How Managed Print Services Actually Cut Costs & Increase Quality

Technology and print management can increase quality and output while simultaneously cutting cost. There is no denying that managed print services save companies on printing costs and have been for quite some time now. Nonetheless, most businesses are unaware of how much money they could be wasting by not consolidating the purchasing, supporting [...]