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Document Management

Office Equipment Repairs: Is Your Business Up to Date?

Office equipment is an essential aspect of every business. If your office equipment begins to show signs of breaking down, then your business might have to purchase new equipment, which can be extremely costly for small businesses. As a result, it's not uncommon for many companies to continue to operate with outdated equipment as long [...]

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How Document Management Can Help Your Business

Maintaining paper files can be a time-consuming task. From lost paperwork to printing out emails, handling paperwork can be costly, particularly when you add in the price of paper, consumables, device wear and tear, and more. If you are overwhelmed by stacks of paper piling up in your office, then your business may want to [...]

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Why Your Law Firm Needs Document Management

There are few environments as paper-intensive as a law firm is. They’re inundated with documents that need to be carefully managed and smartly stored for quick and easy access. To that end, it’s hard to think of a solution that will help keep a law office running more organized and efficiently than document management software. [...]

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Streamline Your Processes with Document Management

One of the biggest hurdles any business faces in pursuit of efficiency is paper. From manually filling out forms to paper documents having to travel through a workplace’s workflows or office mail to papers getting lost under other files on someone's desk, working with documents in paper form just isn’t efficient. To overcome this problem [...]

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How Going Paperless Benefits the Financial Sector

If you own or manage a business in the financial sector, you may be thinking about going paperless. More companies than ever are going digital due to the numerous benefits of doing so. However, you may find yourself wondering if this move is good for your organization. To help you make that choice, here are [...]

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Why Your Business Should Implement a Document Management Solution

Every organization would benefit from having a robust document management solution. It’s a highly efficient system that manages and stores legacy files and other processes that have paper-based originals, along with all of the digitized files. Everything is either created in, or converted to, a digital format for improved ease-of-access and document control. Most businesses [...]

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How Document Management Gives Your Business a Competitive Edge

The Association for Information and Image Management definition of electronic document management systems (DMS) is as good as any: DMS is the use of computers to “store, manage, and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information.” That information is typically gathered using a document scanner. In short, electronic document management is the way [...]

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Let Document Management Keep Your Sensitive Documents Secure

Your documents, whether they are in paper or digital form, are crucial to the livelihood of your company. However, managing large numbers of documents—especially when they come from different sources, departments, and locations—can be quite challenging. Thankfully, there’s a better way to store your files: document management. A document management solution provides you with the [...]

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How Document Management Software Can Reduce Costs

In the simplest form, document management software is an application that carries out document handling tasks like archiving of old documents, creation, organization, sharing, retrieval, and other official activities usually done on/with documents. The major advantages of digitalizing the management of your documents are speed and accuracy. Since business managers, CEOs, COOs, and CIOs are [...]

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Increase Compliance with Document Management

Due to the upward trend of data breaches over the past several years, data security has become a priority for modern organizations regardless of their industry. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, a staggering 22,408,258 records were exposed (668 data breaches) between January 1 and July 2 of 2018. Regulatory compliance is not an [...]

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