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Monthly Archives: December 2019

The Importance of Securing Your Scan and Capture Technology

The ability to quickly scan and digitally capture paper documents helps increase efficiency in the workplace. However, any technology that handles our sensitive data can make us more vulnerable to hackers or others who may use that information for nefarious purposes. Because of this, it is up to each company to make sure their scan [...]

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Managed Print Services: A Smart Choice for Any Organization

Managed Print Services (MPS) are an effective way to improve upon document creation processes while scaling back your costs. If you haven’t considered investing in MPS, it’s time to reconsider. Here are some of the top reasons why including MPS in your business strategy is a smart choice for your organization. Increases efficiency Antiquated printers, [...]

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What Are the Benefits of IT Managed Services?

As more and more businesses rely on technology in their day-to-day operations, we have seen an increase in efficiency, production, and sales generation for those who are tech-forward. Consequently, there is now a need for an IT infrastructure and network to process and manage your business-related information. That is why you must design and implement [...]

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