Managed Print Services (MPS) are an effective way to improve upon document creation processes while scaling back your costs. If you haven’t considered investing in MPS, it’s time to reconsider. Here are some of the top reasons why including MPS in your business strategy is a smart choice for your organization.

Increases efficiency
Antiquated printers, scanners, and copiers are unreliable because they’re sluggish to operate and frequently break down. Not to mention, replacing older parts is expensive because they’re typically scarce and can take time to locate. As department print needs vary, your MPS partner will assess your printing fleet and upgrade devices across your organization. They’ll also help you to:

• Identify the most efficient solutions, eliminating redundanct and inefficient devices
• Ensure you’re operating with up-to-date models and technology
• Establish auto replenishment of toner cartridges
• Reduce employee downtime through proactive maintenance and real-time monitoring of your devices
• Eliminate timely and costly repairs

With an MPS solution, your business can run far more efficiently, enabling you to have stronger levels of productivity because employee time is freed up to focus on other important tasks, rather than tend to your printing fleet.

Reduces capital expenditures
Investing in new equipment costs money, yet maintaining older equipment isn’t exactly cost-effective. For one monthly fee, your MPS partner will handle all of your print management needs. This means you’ll enjoy better cashflow because you won’t need to include print-related equipment in your capital budget. You’ll be able to use this money towards other large expenses or reallocate it to other areas of your budget.

Improves information security
When you invest in Managed Print Services, you take a big step towards improving your information security. Modern networked printers, copiers, and fax machines feature hard drives and operate as standalone computers, which means each needs to be properly secured. Your MPS partner will help you to:

• Ensure your hardware and software are secure
• Establish strong authentication processes
• Appropriately update hardware, software, and firmware
• Manage proper device disposal

Statistics suggest 60 percent of businesses suffer data losses due to printer-related security breaches. A data breach of any kind can be devastating to a business, especially a small- or medium-sized one.

Encourages green practices
Streamlining your print processes helps decrease waste and reduce your environmental footprint, helping both the planet and your company. Your MPS partner can help you to:

• Identify and eliminate wasteful printing practices
• Reduce energy consumption through energy-efficient devices

As an added benefit, you can improve your brand visibility as you become perceived as being a green-conscious company.

If your business would like to start taking advantage of Managed Print Services, please contact us today for more information about how our solutions can help you improve efficiency while simultaneously bringing down costs.