Odds are your office has a multifunction printer (MFP)—an all-in-one device with print, scan, copy, and fax functionalities. These machines offer convenience with an array of features that your office needs in a compact, space-saving, “green” package. Advantages of MFPs are boundless, but what about your device’s imaging capabilities, specifically? Are you using the scanning function to its fullest potential? Consider the following strengths of your multifunction device’s imaging mechanism to decide if you are taking full advantage of your MFP’s scanner.

Get Digitized – If your office is drowning in a sea of paper, it’s time to leverage your MFP’s scanner and get organized. Your scanner can quickly convert your paper files to digital documents, indexing them for easy retrieval when you need them. Making your paper files digital ones will not only lessen the amount of clutter around your office, but also will make files accessible to your team at all times. There is dedicated paper-to-digital software available that will even help you index and organize your newly-digitized files. Digitizing documents via your MFP’s scanner will not only save you on supplies like paper, toner, and other consumables, but it will improve team efficiency as well.

Guarantee Organization – For businesses that need to continually keep their shared files organized and accessible, consider implementing an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), a software program that manages the digital creation and storage of scanned documents in a centralized location to increase productivity. This software helps with internal workflows, making the retrieval of files and collaboration on documents between team members easy. The software also allows you to capture and use the metadata on your scanned documents, standardizing your internal digital filing systems to help improve team efficiency. EDMS adds a layer of security to your shared files as well, providing password protection and permissions-only access to sensitive data such as Human Resources files.

Go Green – An unsung advantage of using your scanner to its fullest abilities is the fact that it is the greenest option for your business. Despite using some electricity when the machine scans documents, digitizing files will reduce the amount of paper your office uses and stores. Instead of recycling a stack of outdated forms, simply print each form as it’s needed or work on electronic versions instead. Using electronic forms instead of handwritten hardcopies will reduce your environmental impact as well as the impact on your bottom line.

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