Every business is faced with the difficult task of allocating assets—whether people or funds—in strategic ways that best benefit their company’s interests. Oftentimes, the deciding factor when making decisions is how that particular choice affects a company’s bottom line. Most consider only two options when faced with the decision of bringing extra office equipment to their offices: purchasing or leasing. But, did you know that the third option of a short-term rental is also available that doesn’t have nearly the impact on your bottom line? Consider the following benefits of a short-term equipment rental the next time you need to beef up your office technology.

Save Money – Let’s start with the obvious: your bottom line. Renting a device for a short period of time rather than purchasing or leasing a machine is a great short-term option for specific jobs or problems. Have an event coming up? Is it your industry’s busy season? A week- or month-long short-term rental agreement can get your office through its busy patch without the commitment of having to pay for it during the offseason.

Big Jobs, Big Rewards – Depending on your industry, there may be certain times of year or specific seasons that require an abundance of paperwork to be printed, scanned, copied, or faxed. For jobs that require an abundance of productivity in a short period of time, renting a machine short-term can mean drastically cutting down on the time required to complete the project.

In-house Availability – Just because you only need your machine for a short amount of time doesn’t mean that your deadlines are flexible. Having the rental equipment available to you in your everyday working environment means that you get to use it on your schedule, rather than having to wait in line behind other jobs at your local print shop. Moreover, on-demand printing means that you have access to the features you need to get the job done, like finishing options or scanning and faxing functionalities. On the other hand, you aren’t paying for the features you don’t use like you would at a print shop.

Relationship Building – Working with a company to rent a device for a short period of time allows you to build a relationship with that company. How are their rates? Are they on-time with their deliveries? What’s their policy regarding machine maintenance? Developing a working relationship with your rental company may lead to you leasing or purchasing your next device from them as your business needs grow, providing you with a known partner when you do need to make the leap to a longer-term equipment solution.

Golden Gate Office Solutions provides a flexible rental program for those in need of office equipment for short periods of time. Whether you need a copier for a day, a week, a month or longer, we have a rental program to fit your needs. If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to learn more about our short-term rental program.