There are several benefits that come to mind when discussing Managed Print Services (MPS). Most understand that there will be a significant cost reduction once MPS is implemented. In fact, you’ll save upwards of 30 percent compared to your current print fleet costs. Less print waste is also one of MPS’ well-known advantages, decreasing the amount of toner, ink, paper, and energy used by those employing these services. MPS means your devices will perform better, with preventive maintenance and expert technicians to ensure peak performance. However, in addition to these advantages, a lesser known benefit of MPS is its ability to improve team workflows. Here are a few ways in which your work processes can improve with Managed Print Services.

Assessment Brings Insight – The first step after signing up to incorporate MPS to your business is for your partner to provide an overarching assessment of your current print environment. Consequently, your typical workflows will be evaluated and problems will be identified, because similar workflow bottlenecks are pervasive across all offices. Your MPS partner can provide a unique perspective on how to increase team efficiency, as they have the broad-based knowledge and expertise required to recognize and correct these productivity issues. Here are a few examples of issues that an MPS assessment can uncover and their proposed corresponding solutions:

  • Your office printers frequently require additional support and/or maintenance. Staff members are pulled away to fix machines and correct problems.
    o Your new MPS partner will handle everything from repairs to toner replenishment, letting your employees get back to work.
  • Your printers aren’t located in the most effective locations.
    o Changing device locations will increase printer availability and, ultimately, team productivity.
  • Lines are forming at certain devices throughout the day.
    o Strategically adding simple, cost-effective black and white printers will increase team morale and reduce wasted time.
  • Your team over-relies on paper documents, spending too much time searching for files or waiting for hardcopies to complete tasks.
    o Digitizing your files will speed up workflow processes.
  • Staff members spend too much time searching for digital files on your shared network.
    o Adding Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) software to your systems will streamline your digitized file storage and increase productivity.

Implementation Leads to Improvements – After your assessment, your MPS partner will implement their strategies. Your workflows will improve almost immediately as devices are placed in better, more strategic locations, and your team is no longer pulled away from value-adding tasks to fix machines or order consumables. As you digitize files, you will see processes begin to flow more smoothly and take less time to complete. MPS will ensure that workflows become more efficient, bottlenecks decrease, and your team is productive.

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