The old saying is true in so many aspects of life and business: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your office machines are no different…having good machine maintenance is like having a wellness program for your equipment. Here’s what a difference maintenance can make on your print fleet.

Maintenance’s Benefits
? Improves Performance — Well-maintained machines just work better than those that aren’t. Printers will see less wasted toner and realize increased print volumes. Toner application will also be smoother; streaks and other unsightly marks are kept at bay. Regular maintenance keeps your print quality optimal.
? Prevents Damage — A simple once-over to make sure all parts are operational and functioning properly can catch problems early and prevent damage that would otherwise demand more extensive repairs. Regular machine maintenance also minimizes wear and tear, prolonging the life of your equipment.
? Improves Efficiency — Less downtime means more printing gets done. Proactive machine maintenance eliminates distractions and bottlenecks caused by performance problems, keeping your team on task and deadlines met. Maintenance helps you avoid mechanical failures that can get in the way of business.

DIY — Keeping a simple do-it-yourself maintenance kit handy can help your machines run smoothly and without problems. Use a cloth to clean your device’s print heads and make sure your roller, heater, and other internal components are clean and dust-free. A small flashlight will help you identify any problems, and a stash of basic backup supplies will ensure you can promptly solve any problems you find.

Professional Maintenance Programs — A maintenance program is an investment in machine wellness, one that will help control costs and improve performance. At Golden Gate, we offer tiered maintenance programs. Their coverage varies, ranging from basic—covering some parts and labor—to premium, which includes all labor and bundles some supplies. Ask about including drums and toner in your maintenance plan. Our plans also include firmware updates to keep your system current with the latest security protections and performance.

Good machine maintenance is a simple but effective way to keep your equipment running longer with better quality results. If your office equipment could use a wellness plan, contact Golden Gate Office Supplies today.