Despite the shift towards less paper in the workplace, every business still seems to rely in part on paper—whether it’s holding onto years-old, archived material or managing document-based processes. Fortunately, document imaging can give every business logistical freedom and better access to information. Read on to learn how document imaging can help your business get ahead.

What is document imaging?
Simply put, document imaging is creating digital documents from scanned images of paper documents. Document imaging is sometimes also referred to as document scanning.

Benefits of document imaging:

? Access Documents Quickly — Managing paper records is cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone. With scanned documents, you can archive or retrieve documents with a simple click of your mouse. No matter the document’s age, it’s easily found and accessed.
? Improve Customer Service — In today’s “microwave” society, customers demand instant response to their needs and questions. Instead of waiting for a callback while you search file cabinets for the information you need, just pull up the scanned document from the central server.
? Make Collaborating Easy — When you have more than one location, or if some of your team works remotely, document imaging makes your records instantly available to anyone who needs them, while maintaining their security.
? Recover from Disasters Faster — In the case of fire, flood, or other disaster, paper documents are highly vulnerable. Instead, back up your records digitally to the cloud or an offsite server. Recovery is smoother when your data is digital.
? Maintain Better Security — Scanned documents can be encrypted, stored behind firewalls, and protected by passwords. Unlike a paper file, a digital file can’t simply walk away, and audit trails ensure complete transparency.
? Automate Data Entry — Optical character recognition (OCR) pulls typed, printed, or handwritten information from scanned documents, enabling you to automate the indexing process.
? Free up Office Space — Document imaging drastically reduces the amount of hard-copy paper you need to manage in your office. Turn the old records room into another office, or save rent by switching to a smaller location.
? Save Money — A single hard drive the size of a deck of cards can store more data than a dedicated storage unit that requires monthly payments. You’ll also save the valuable time that would have been spent on document retrieval.

Document imaging opens new doors for your business, from improved information retrieval to better security. Call Golden Gate Office Solutions to give your business an edge with document imaging.