Data and document management is a crucial component to the operations of a healthcare facility. Whether it be a major hospital or a private practice, it is essential for healthcare professionals to have easy access to patient information through a secure network, while remaining compliant with the numerous strict industry regulations.

Managed Print Services (MPS) can improve the efficiency of healthcare provider’s workflows while operating securely and cost-effectively. It’s a solution that can increase the quality of patient care with security features that will keep confidential information in safe hands and providers regulatory compliant.

Maintaining high-level security
The security of documents and data is a top priority for healthcare providers. Along with legal requirements (including HIPAA and HITECH), healthcare providers owe it to their patients to uphold the confidentiality of their personal records. MPS can customize an IT network that will keep your facility HIPAA compliant without sacrificing productivity or efficiency. For example, security-rich authenticated print access will temporarily secure sensitive documents in printers through an encryption process. These documents can only be released and accessed by authorized users.

Streamline your workflows
Along with security, efficiency is another huge factor to providing high quality healthcare. Patients expect to receive the best care possible in a timely fashion. MPS provides features that help healthcare providers meet these expectations. MPS can convert paper documents to electronic formats, giving employees access to view and print documents at any time from any location. Let’s say a patient needs a prescription printed out from a previous visit. Employees can electronically access the information quickly and securely without digging through cabinets full of paperwork. It’s an approach that cuts down on printing costs, reduces manual labor, and improves patient satisfaction.

Maintenance and Upkeep
Printer maintenance is often overlooked in healthcare facilities. Unfortunately, device breakdowns can cause major disruptions and delays of patient care. With regular maintenance and device alerts, an MPS provider can help prevent breakdowns with onsite checkups and repairs. Print professionals are trained to maintain these devices, allowing healthcare staff to focus on what they’re meant to: providing excellent care to their patients.

Healthcare providers are increasingly turning to MPS to streamline their document management efforts. To provide high-quality care, the right workflow structure needs to be in place to carry out essential duties. For more information on how MPS can positively impact your healthcare organization, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.