One of the most valuable advantages of technology is its ability to take over tasks that, in the past, could only be completed by humans. Little things, when added up, can make a big difference in the office, taking up mental power and working hours that could otherwise be spent on value-adding work. One task that technology can automate and take off your hands is reading the meters of office equipment.

Here are some of the ways automatic meter reads can benefit your business.

? Efficiency — No longer does your office staff need to visit each machine and page through confusing menu options. Automatic reading is non-invasive and faster than checking meter readings manually and submitting them by fax, phone, or web form. Automatic meter reading is particularly efficient for offices that have multiple devices on their network.
? Accuracy — With manual data entry replaced by automated reporting, you’ll eliminate errors and improve the accuracy of your data. With more reliable usage information, you can plan for costs and budgets more effectively.
? Alerts — Automatic meter reads can prevent unanticipated downtime and eliminate last-minute errands by providing alerts for supply and maintenance needs.
? Detail — Automatic meter reads have numerous options to get you the information you need. Monitor usage and workload by department, user, or device, and use this improved visibility to control and predict costs.
? Timeliness — Gone are the days of last-minute checks and missed reporting dates. Automatic reads are always retrieved and submitted on time, eliminating the need for estimates, overpaying, or unplanned cost surges.
? Self-Regulating — Automatic meter reads are, well, automatic. No manual intervention is needed. Devices are programmed to handle reading and reporting without staff intervention. You can designate the best interval for your tracking and reporting needs, be it daily, weekly, or monthly.
? Security — The content of your documents isn’t collected or sent with automatic meter reading; only metadata—high-level usage details—is checked and submitted. This automatically-read and submitted usage data is also encrypted for transmission to your service provider.

Automatic meter reading makes your life easier while providing timely, accurate results about your print usage. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today for help making the most of your printer’s meter technology.