Adopting a new service for your business always involves doing your homework. Managed Print Services (MPS) is no different. Will your staff work more efficiently as a result? Will employing an MPS solution benefit your bottom line? Is it a good fit for your company? We’ve put together this article to help you work through those questions with the facts and fictions about MPS.

What is MPS?
Managed Print Services is a partnership agreement with a local office technology provider to handle your print infrastructure, from equipment acquisition to maintenance and supply ordering. An MPS partner’s goal is to help your company operate more efficiently and effectively, lowering printing costs and improving results.

FACT: MPS improves visibility and efficiency.
With Managed Print Services, your print infrastructure is no longer a black box. Detailed reports help you understand your print behavior and make automated adjustments that optimize your print environment and reduce costs.
FICTION: MPS is more expensive than internal print management.
Companies spend around six percent of their annual expenses on print services, but MPS enables clients to save as much as 30 percent on their print costs.

FACT: MPS is more than maintenance.
An MPS provider provides businesses with a comprehensive printing solution. Your provider will assess your print needs as well as install, train, and monitor every aspect of your print environment. Help desk services provide free IT staff time, while the ordering of consumables like toner and paper is handled for you.
FICTION: MPS only involve printers.
An MPS provider is so much more than a glorified printer repair technician. Rather, they are experts in information and print technology. Their skills help streamline your workflows, even offering additional services such as document management or shredding. The technology they service includes printers, scanners, copiers, and multifunction machines that include fax capabilities.

FACT: MPS providers can manage a diverse print fleet.
With a high level of expertise in print technology, your MPS provider can manage new or old equipment, from single multifunction machines to a collection of different brands. In fact, MPS may be even more valuable when your fleet has grown organically—MPS assessment and data give you unparalleled visibility and insight into your print needs and ecosystem.
FICTION: Only large enterprises can benefit from MPS.
Companies of all sizes can see improved efficiencies and reduced costs. From a four-device office to a fleet of dozens, MPS technology makes managing a fleet of any size simple and cost-effective.

Now that you’ve learned the truth behind Managed Print Services, you’re better qualified to consider whether MPS may be right for your company. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to get started with an MPS assessment.