Color printing used to be the purview of print shops and large enterprises. SMBs had little choice but to outsource their color printing jobs if they wanted professional-looking results. However, today’s technology has made it possible to get print shop quality from right down the hall at an affordable price. Check out the top reasons why bringing color printing in-house makes sense for SMBs.

You’ll save money. In-house color printing can save you substantially over outsourcing to print shops. At a print shop, you’ll pay a standard per-page fee whether you use a little toner or a lot. Your savings can add up quickly when you’re only paying for actual toner usage with an in-house machine. Print shops also impose costly minimum volumes. Unfortunately, this often leaves leftover stock unused—a waste of money and space (we’re looking at you, box-of-brochures-from-two-years-ago). In-house color printing is perfect for short runs to print only what you need.

You’ll gain control. At a print shop, you’re one of hundreds of customers competing for printer time and customer service attention. When you bring color printing in-house, you set your own print priorities. How many days or weeks does a print shop need to fit your job in among all the others? With a color printer down the hall, you get what you need, when you need it. You also maintain control of your critical data, from financial reports to customer information. When you print in-house, the data stays in-house, too.

You’ll love the results. Bringing color printing in-house is strangely empowering—you’ll have the ability to create absolutely stunning materials at the drop of a hat. Color printouts on in-house machines can easily rival the quality you get at professional print shops, and you’ll be able to print on a wide variety of media, from postcards to labels. You can make your company look good every day.

For most of your business printing, you’ll save money, gain control, and produce outstanding materials by bringing color printing in-house. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions for a color printing solution that works for you.