Time is the most precious commodity in any business today. Large or small, it seems like there’s always more to do than time in which to do it. Document management is one tool that can help your company carve out extra time in your day. Read on for a few ways document management software can help you do just that.

Tags and keywords — Whether in the digital or physical realm, we’ve become very accustomed to the one-to-one, hierarchical structure of a folder system. But in some cases, multiple touch points are important. Do you save multiple copies of the same document to find it easier, or create redirects, shortcuts, or notes as reminders? With document management’s approach, one core file with tags and keywords provides the flexibility you need—a simple search from any of a number of interfaces can easily locate the data you’re looking for.

Document categories — Document categories provide a framework for looking through files. Whether you’re processing emails, invoices, or contracts, document categories ensure that relevant information is indexed for each. Depending on the category, you may index any combination of data—client name, invoice dates, check number, service dates, and more.

Search — Document management software eliminates wasted search time. Tags, keywords, and categories let you use Optical Character Recognition (OCR), time stamps, client names, and more to find the document you need using quick and advanced search features.

Universal file storage — Document management systems are designed to be flexible and comprehensive. Some are customized for interactions with the most popular file formats—like previews for documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, or images. Most also have an option for miscellaneous attachments or notes. Every piece of your business’ data puzzle can be connected easily.

Streamline workflows — Repetitive, rule-based processes that require multiple touch points can be automated in a document management system. By applying built-in rules provided by your system’s software, your team can streamline workflows and use their time for value-adding efforts.

Easy on-boarding — Most document management systems provide a low barrier to entry, with limited training requirements. If needed, on-demand training is a click away, as are online video tutorials. Get your team up and running quickly and efficiently.

Your employees have better things to do than rummage through file cabinets, comb folder hierarchies, and perform repetitive, rule-based tasks. At Golden Gate Office Solutions, we believe that document management can help your company reclaim precious time. Contact us today to learn how document management solutions can help you.