With various print technologies available today, it can be daunting to try to determine which is best for your business—digital or traditional copiers? To help you make the best choice for your business, we’ve put together a few pros and cons of each.

Digital Copier Pros
•    Fast — Perhaps the most compelling feature of digital copiers is their speed. With virtually no setup time required, they’re perfect for tight deadlines and on-demand printing.
•    Affordable — Digital copiers are the best choice when you need a low volume of copies. They’re less expensive per sheet than traditional copiers.
•    Convenient — With digital copiers, the proof you see is the print you get. It’s quick and easy to print a proof to evaluate and then make quality adjustments on the fly.
•    Flexible — With just a few tweaks to a digital file, you have virtually unlimited options. Swap out images, update text, or change the color palette. The digital framework puts you in control.

Digital Cons
•    Finish quality and variety — Digital copiers handle a limited range of paper stock, inks, and finishes, and their color accuracy falls a bit short of traditional printing. For most office applications, however, digital devices are well-equipped.

Traditional Pros
•    Volume — Traditional machines are optimized to provide top quality for high-volume jobs.
•    Image quality — Traditional copiers have unparalleled color accuracy.
•    Media variety — The highly-flexible traditional model can easily handle a bigger variety of paper sizes, inks, finishes, and other print effects.

Traditional Cons
•    Increased cost — Setup costs for traditional copiers are higher than for digital, so for low volumes they may not give you the best bang for your buck. As quantities increase, however, the cost per piece declines.
•    Slower Speed — Compared to their digital cousins, traditional copiers can have slower production rates.

The best copier for your business— digital or traditional —depends on its intended usage. For speed and affordability, digital is your best bet, while traditional copiers are best saved for high-volume, high-quality applications. Call Golden Gate Office Solutions today to learn whether a digital or traditional copier is right for your business.