Technology can be difficult to manage at times. Computers, printers, and other office technology are machines that can break down. Your devices can be slow or unable to keep up with the workflow demands of your office. When problems arise with technology in the office, it usually becomes a question of whether it can be repaired or if the more savvy choice is to replace outdated devices. Luckily, finding the answer is not as complicated as technology itself. Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether to repair or replace your office imaging technology.

If your IT guru is spending more time on the machine than on value-adding tasks, replace it.

Your IT staff shouldn’t spend hours of time repairing your imaging equipment. If you consider their annual salary at an hourly rate, the time spent fixing the same reoccurring printer problem doesn’t make sense. Utilizing IT professionals to repeatedly repair your office equipment is neither productive nor cost-effective. Your company is better off with a reliable replacement device so your IT staff can get back to the value-adding work they were hired to do.

If the product is relatively new, repair it.

Having newer machines that experience occasional issues is not uncommon. Most technological products encounter some kind of issue at one time or another, and the majority of the time it is an easy fix. Do not get rid of a machine every time is experiences an issue. Instead, have a verified technician diagnose your device’s issues and go from there.

If the device is too slow to keep up with your company’s growth, replace it.

Employees should not have to wait in lines every day to print all the documents they need. When the printer or any other machine is taking far too long to produce the documents needed to keep your workflow moving, you aren’t experiencing a technological issue. Rather, it is time for a technology upgrade to meet the demands of your growing office.

If the problem is the first issue of its kind, repair it.

Businesses today simply cannot afford to purchase a new device every time something does not go according to plan. If an issue arises in a machine that is otherwise reliable and efficient, approach it head-on and attempt to resolve the technical problem before taking any drastic steps to replace it.

Repairs can be inconvenient, but replacing office equipment every time you face an issue isn’t a reasonable, affordable solution for business owners. When it comes down to technology and machinery, it is always best to weigh the pros and cons when deciding whether it’s best to repair or replace your office technology. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to contact a service technician or to learn about modern office equipment that can help your business succeed.