The ability to digitize documents with scanning technology is an enormous asset for many companies. Unfortunately, converting paper documents to digital typically produces documents as one solid file rather than allowing users to search content for specific keywords and data. To combat this, businesses now have the option to utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which uses algorithms to ensure that the scanned images of text are converted to a format that the computer can actually read, instead of converting it as one simple image. With OCR, users can open and view the scanned information in word processing programs and search for particular information. With this amazing new technology, businesses receive numerous benefits, including:

Better Efficiency

Retyping handwritten documents or scanned files takes a significant amount of office time, particularly when those handwritten documents are difficult to read. Employees can spend hours or even days trying to recreate files so that they are compatible with computer technology. Fortunately, OCR eliminates this problem. OCR technology transcribes all of the information automatically, so your employees don’t have to waste valuable time doing so.

Improved Editing Abilities

Generally, scanned documents are converted to PDFs or image files, producing digital files with content that cannot be edited. With OCR, however, users can directly edit all of the text within the scanned document. The OCR program comes with easy-to-use functionality to make sure that editing your digital documents is as intuitive and straightforward as possible.

Greater Accessibility

Once a paper document is converted to a digital document with OCR, it instantly becomes more accessible to more people. It can be shared electronically via email or other document sharing methods, displayed online, or even incorporated into a web page. Therefore, OCR technology can improve office workflows and increase employee productivity.

Increased Office Space

Having paper documents laying around the office can be stressful and nerve wracking. Worse yet, the clutter of paper can impede work, particularly when an unfiled or misplaced document is needed immediately. Instead of taking up valuable office space and wasting time searching for lost documents, storing them digitally is much more efficient. Your employees can retrieve the data they need in a matter of seconds, rather than searching for hours or recreating important documents.

Digitizing text into machine-readable format through OCR will improve efficiency in your office, eliminate headaches, enhance workflows, and enable you to bring your scanned documents to life. Why not contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to bring your company up to speed with OCR.