It is every organization’s goal to save as much money as possible to help ensure it generates a profit. But, as important as this is, spending money wisely is also a challenge. It’s nearly impossible for a business to keep track of every penny it spends, particularly when it comes to printing costs. In fact, according to the Gartner Group, 90 percent of companies don’t know how much they spend on printing. However, to cut costs, it is vital for businesses to identify where their money is going to eliminate cost overruns and unwise spending.

Managed Print Services (MPS) allows you to outsource your print management to an external provider. One of the most significant benefits of doing so is lowering your printing costs significantly in the long run. For many businesses, these printing costs account for a large chunk of their overhead—up to six percent of your entire budget!

Your employees may never consider wasteful printing, such as printing unnecessary documents in color, printing long email threads, or printing documents that aren’t work related. Sometimes sharing a document digitally will suffice, and wasteful printing occurs when sending an attachment via email makes more sense. All these seemingly small printing decisions, when added up, can lead to increases in your costs.

An MPS solution can enable your business to save money on printing while enhancing productivity.

The cost saving benefits of MPS

Many businesses fail to realize how high their printing costs are and the significant impact they have on cash flow. Unfortunately, those companies that do realize it typically are not able to quantify exactly how much they spend on printing. Businesses employing MPS benefit first from knowing exactly how printing impacts their bottom lines. The first step in an MPS engagement is a thorough assessment of your organization and its print environment. This in-depth data will provide you with a way to quantify how much you spend per print and identify ways to optimize your processes, cut down on inefficiencies, and reduce wasted consumables. Only after you assess your environment can you begin to cut costs. In fact, an MPS solution can enable companies to reduce their printing costs by up to 30 percent!

Secondly, MPS enables you to reduce print volumes by eliminating unnecessary printing through controls and accountability. Reducing the amount of printing done in your office saves your business money, as less printing means less paper used, less consumables (such as ink and toner) used, and less energy used by your office technology devices. As an added bonus, this will also reduce your organization’s environmental footprint.

Finally, MPS will benefit your budget by improving productivity. Having more optimized document workflows and streamlined processes eliminates inefficiencies. Your IT staff will be freed up from responding to printer complaints, troubleshooting, and resolving those issues. All of this will add up to fewer dollars wasted in your organization.

So, if want to keep track of your business’s printing expenses and reduce the amount of money you spend on printing, Managed Print Services can be the ideal solution to your problem. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to learn more about how to gain control of the largest unmanaged expense in business today: printing costs.