In the modern office, color is king. It makes your brand memorable, holds your readers’ attention, and increases the likelihood that your audience remembers your message. The power of color is so strong that it leads many to question whether there is a place for the black and white printer in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world. To those asking, the answer is unquestionably yes! Monochrome printers are huge assets to your print fleet, oftentimes providing the most affordable, efficient solution to your printing needs. In fact, there are several reasons why monochrome devices are a great option even for the most tech savvy company. Consider the following perks of black & white printing before making your next office equipment purchase.

Affordability – Simply put, color printers are more expensive than their black and white counterparts. By purchasing color devices, whether they are basic printers or all-in-one multifunction machines, you are paying for the additional features and internal components that the machine requires to produce color outputs. Monochrome machines, on the other hand, provide the most basic printing capabilities, ensuring their affordability.

Efficiency – When it comes to high-volume jobs, nothing compares to a monochrome laser printer in terms of speed of production. These reliable workhorses are capable of producing over 40 pages per minute, ensuring quick production times on output-intensive projects. Depending on your office’s typical workflows and production requirements, a black and white printer may prove to be more efficient than your sophisticated color device, making it a valuable addition to your fleet.

Quality – Color printers aren’t the only devices in your office that have advanced over the past two decades. Achievements in monochrome printing have propelled the capabilities and quality of these black and white devices’ outputs, providing today’s office with high-quality, sharp document printing that your business can be proud of.

Sustainability – Monochrome printers use fewer consumables than their color cousins, proving to be the greener, more sustainable solution to your office printing needs. Consider the number of toner cartridges needed to operate your color device compared to just the black cartridge needed for your monochrome machine. With this in mind, you can feel good about your choice to send jobs to your office’s black and white devices instead of your color machines.

Monochrome printing hasn’t fallen off the modern office’s radar. In fact, black and white machines prove to be affordable, efficient alternatives to color devices. To learn more about our variety of monochrome printers and how these devices can meet your company’s needs, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.