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Technology and print management can increase quality and output while simultaneously cutting cost.

There is no denying that managed print services save companies on printing costs and have been for quite some time now. Nonetheless, most businesses are unaware of how much money they could be wasting by not consolidating the purchasing, supporting and managing print, copier and imaging services under one management department. Managed print services (MPS) help manage every aspect of business printing, from efficient printer usage to proper service and supplying.

Golden Gate, a managed print service provider in San Francisco, highlights the most prominent ways that MPS can help your company run more efficiently while cutting unnecessary costs.

  • MPS helps avoid delays.

Work stops when printers stop functioning properly or run out of paper, toner, or other supplies until they can be repaired. Managed print services provide proactive repairs and troubleshooting to help your company avoid costly delays by making sure printers are up and running at all times.

  • Efficient printing.

An MPS professional will examine your printing setup and services and determine the best techniques to streamline your production task in order to ensure work is getting done correctly, more efficiently, and at a lower cost.

  • Longer periods without needing servicing.

With managed print services, your printers are guaranteed scheduled maintenance to reduce the chance of an inconvenient and time-consuming breakdown. Your printer managers will ensure that your company printers are being serviced on time and will identify any issues before they become an issue.

  • Improved work flow.

Centralizing paper management makes the office run more efficiently. The routing of documents that require approval or need to be processed in a certain manner, can be controlled from central location eliminating the passing of document from department to department, which increases the risk of loss or error.

  • Backup and disaster recovery.

Digitizing vital business documents will allow you to have a digital archive of the most essential documents, in a secure location that is usually stored off-site or in the cloud. This means that you will have backups of paper documents in electronic form which will save money in case of a disaster.

  • File management.

As much as 7 percent of all documents are lost while 3 percent are misfiled causing an excess amount of time being spent either searching for the document or recreating the material. With managed print services, all documents that are labeled correctly will be catalogued accordingly, allowing you to access them more efficiently.