Despite the explosion of smart devices and sharing technologies like Bluetooth, NFC, and wireless, sometimes you really just need a document in print. Printing less is also a boon to your bottom line. When ink and toner can cost as much as a printer, maximum performance is essential. Read on to learn more about getting the most out of your inks and toners.

Setting up the Document
Font Size — Smaller fonts use less ink for the same amount of content, so consider going from 14 to 12.
Being Bold — Chunky fonts and bold text use more toner than their slimmer cousins, so minimize their use. Some fonts, like EcoFont, are specially-designed to reduce your usage.

Before You Print
Print Preview — It’s a healthy habit to look both ways before crossing the street, and checking out a document before you print can also be a lifesaver: a thorough once-over can prevent costly reprints and wasted pages.
Printing from the Web — is a valuable tool for cutting out unnecessary content—the graphics and menus that unnecessarily fill up the printed page. Don’t print what you don’t need.

Print Settings
Toner-Saving Mode — Also known as “fast draft” or “draft mode” depending on your machine’s make and model, this setting minimizes the use of toner while still producing a perfectly readable result. Toner-saving mode is good enough for most of your daily print needs.
Black Only — Use the grayscale setting to ensure that only black ink or toner is used for your document. Also, don’t forget that “rich” blacks actually use some color ink in the printing process.

At the Printer
Shake It Up — Toner is a powdery, dusty substance that can settle in the cartridge. With a few solid shakes, you will dislodge clumps and redistribute the toner.
Ignore the Warning Signs — Ok, don’t really ignore them. But, keep using your “empty” cartridge until you notice a difference in print quality.

Ink and toner can be a substantial expense, so utilize these tips to make sure you’re making the most of every cartridge. When you do need a replacement, call on Golden Gate Office Solutions, and we’ll get you printing again in no time.