At Golden Gate Office Supplies, San Francisco is more than our location — it’s our home. And we believe in giving back to our community, which is why we’ve developed a program to help local nonprofits make the most of their office technology to fulfill their missions.

Equipment Evaluation
Many nonprofits rely on donated equipment to run their offices and programs. While this is a critical source of technology, used equipment has its vulnerabilities. We check out “new” office machines to make sure nonprofits get the best performance possible from donated devices. Even the best-intentioned donors may have subjected their MFP to years of neglect, so we’re happy to offer reduced prices if parts or services are needed to get things running smoothly again.

Maintenance Program
At nonprofit organizations, there always seems to be more to do than time to do it. The last thing these dedicated workers and volunteers need is a machine breaking down and holding up operations. Regular maintenance helps protect against downtime that gets in the way of the mission and prevents damage that would demand more extensive repairs. We consider maintenance to be a wellness plan for office technology.

Tiered Service Options
Every organization has its unique needs, and we offer service levels to suit any nonprofit budget. Starting with basic parts and labor, nonprofits can get additional supply services or labor coverage. Our most comprehensive coverage is a service partnership that includes labor and supplies when the nonprofit commits to purchasing their toner cartridges from Golden Gate. We can even manage maintenance and service for the wide format printer that means so much for producing materials with an impact.

Extensive Brand Coverage
Since nonprofits rely so heavily on donated equipment, a single program location can have a mish-mash of machines manufactured by a wide variety of brands. Whatever the machine, Golden Gate’s goal is to keep it running in tip-top shape. We service all of the following brands:

Hewlett Packard
Konica Minolta

At Golden Gate Office Solutions, we believe strongly in the power of community and want to do our part to give back. If you work with a local 501(c)3 or are considering donating your used office equipment, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions to help bring your nonprofit’s vision to life.