Information technology is critical to all of today’s business systems. But in the face of infinite demands on your time, it’s easy to make technology mistakes that can cost your company— in data, customer loyalty, and ultimately, money. Read on to learn some common IT errors that modern businesses face and how to avoid them.

Error 1: Insufficient Backups — A single backup disk simply isn’t enough, especially if it’s stored at the same location as your original data! Keep 3-2-1 in mind for important backups: 3 copies, on 2 types of media, in at least 1 additional location.

Error 2: No Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Plan — Disaster recovery is more than data backup—it’s the combination of policies, procedures, and resources you’ll deploy when disaster strikes. Only with a clear plan of action will you be able to bounce back.

Error 3: Password Vulnerability — Weak passwords are a big risk, as are passwords shared between services. Data theft at a big corporation can put your systems at risk if employees use the same passwords at work and home. Consider a password management service to ensure that every service you log into has a unique, strong password.

Error 4: Unprotected Smart Devices — Big Brother might not be watching, but that doesn’t mean someone else isn’t. TVs and other Internet-of-Things technology have numerous vulnerable connections, like Bluetooth, NFC, and wireless. If you’re not using one of these vulnerable services, disable it.

Error 5: Inadequate Power Protection — Many workstations rely on a simple surge protector for power fluctuations, but such basic tech simply isn’t adequate to protect your equipment and data. Make sure every piece of mission-critical technology has an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) connected to it, such as a battery backup or electric generator.

Error 6: Aging Equipment — Old technology might not seem like a big deal, but as systems age, manufacturers stop updating and supporting them. Without ongoing updates, your systems aren’t protected from the new viruses and attacks that are discovered every day.

With IT at the center of so many business operations, even these simple and common errors can be very costly. If you’re not sure how to address them, or if you’re looking for an IT partner to help you sort them out, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today.