Businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase productivity. Of course, more productivity leads to a better bottom line, which is a priority for all organizations. However, a commonly overlooked concept when it comes to boosting productivity is running a green office. Believe it or not, the environmental factors of your office play a big role in how your employees perform. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to green your office and how they will impact your business.

Embrace natural lighting
Light exposure affects physical and neurological activity. Research shows that employees are more productive when working in areas with an abundance of natural light. Take a look around the office and make sure natural lighting is being utilized wherever possible. If you don’t have access to natural light in certain areas, make sure the level of lighting is not too intense or too dull from all of your artificial light sources.

Maintain clean and flexible workspace
Clutter negatively affects productivity. A busy and cramped work environment floods the brain with added stimuli that create extra distractions and stress. An organized, well-designed workspace should provide employees with all the necessary tools to carry out tasks without any interference. Soft seating, desk pods, and breakout furniture are a few other add-ons that can help improve the functionality of a workspace.

Don’t forget about plants
It’s easy to overlook them, but plants are naturally another useful addition to any green office design. Indoor plant life can boost employees’ emotional, physical, and cognitive health. Plants work as filters, removing potentially harmful chemicals from the air and replacing them with oxygen.

Be aware of scents
This is one factor that is rarely considered when it comes to employee productivity; however, scents play a bigger role than you may realize. Research has shown that approximately 75 percent of daily generated emotions are affected in some way by smell. If an employee is sickened or annoyed by smells in an office environment, their productivity is likely affected. Dispersing natural aroma products throughout an office can help alleviate some of those unwanted or unpleasant scents.

The type of environment we work in has a direct effect on our productivity. For more tips on how to create a green office space, contact the experts at Golden Gate Office Solutions.