Have you taken the time to plan for the worst? You cannot assume that your business is immune from natural disasters, like fires and floods, or security breaches, like cyberattacks and ransomware. In fact, more businesses than ever are experiencing lost files and downed networks. That’s where a dedicated Backup and Recovery Strategy comes into play. Like insurance, you hope to never use it. But, having a plan can save your business if you’re hit hard by even a seemingly innocuous human error. Here are the top reasons why you need a Backup and Recovery Strategy.

Downtime Costs Money – A widely-known statistic from The Bureau of Labor is that 20 percent of businesses experience a disaster annually, and 80% of those businesses go under in just over a year. Downtime means that you are unreachable, driving your customers to competitors. With an explicit Backup and Recovery Strategy in place, you can maximize your uptime and keep your customers.

Mother Nature Is Unpredictable – No one—not even meteorologists—can predict all natural disasters. You can assume the types of disasters that you are most likely to encounter based on your region, but you cannot predict when fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornadoes will strike. A dedicated Backup and Recovery Strategy ensures you are covered 365 days a year, preparing your business for any disaster that strikes.

People Make Mistakes – Your team is your biggest asset, but people do make mistakes. We are all human, and whether the problem was intentional or not, human error can have major consequences. To diffuse stressful and potentially catastrophic fallout of an employee’s mistake, ensure you have a dedicated Backup and Recovery Strategy in place so you can have your data available as soon as possible and your team back to work quickly.

Machines Break – Much like human error is inevitable, machines are not designed to work indefinitely. Even the best devices have a shelf life and malfunctions and shortages happen. Avoid problematic situations that stem from downed networks and machines with a Backup and Recovery Strategy. With a strategy in place and a partner to help you recover, you’ll be back up and running in no time.

We Live in a 24/7 World – Your customers expect for their issues, orders, or questions to be addressed immediately. With email connected to smartphones and websites providing information 24/7, it is difficult for businesses to recover from an hour of downtime, much less days. If you neglect to protect your network with a Backup and Recovery Strategy, you run the risk of losing customers to competitors who are up and ready to respond to inquiries.

If your business is in need of a Backup and Recovery Strategy, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today. We can help you devise a plan to safeguard your business data and maximize your uptime.