It’s time to stop battling those growing piles of paperwork that tend to pop up in every corner of your workplace. Managing paper can feel like a never-ending chore that nobody ever wants to tackle. Fortunately, with the technology available today, a document solution can enable you to finally eliminate those paper piles from your office.

Customize a document solution to fit your needs
The best document management solution is one that is designed to meet your organization’s unique needs. Document scanning, document management, and workflow automation services can be implemented into one specific department, or incorporated company-wide. It can be an in-house solution, one that is completely outsourced, or a combination of both into a “hybrid” system that includes both options. It all depends on how much workload you want to put on your IT team. If you have other needs that are more pressing, outsourcing (even if only partially) is an excellent option for the implementation and management of your document solution plan.

The benefits of a document solution
Once you have implemented the document solution that best fits the overall needs of your business, it’s time to reap the benefits. These benefits include lowering costs, increasing accuracy, reducing your carbon footprint, and perhaps most importantly, boosting productivity and efficiency. Once your documents are scanned into the system, you can search, archive, and retrieve documents with ease and speed. With this increased efficiency, you will be able to serve your customers in a timelier manner. There’s also the added bonus of significant cost savings, which include reductions in consumables such as paper, toner, and ink. Manual labor is also decreased, as many previously manual tasks (such as filing and sending invoices) are carried out digitally by the document solution software.

Enhanced security features
Paper documents often find their way into the wrong hands. Even when they are locked away in filing cabinets, it only takes a key or an unintentionally unlocked drawer for the wrong person to access sensitive documents. When all of your paperwork is digitized into document solution software, security restrictions will protect your valuable data. There are varying levels of permissions for employees so that they can or cannot access particular documents.

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