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Save Money, Extra Network Security, Peace of Mind. Secure your business data with offsite backup.

Long gone are the days of backing up data on floppy discs and CD-ROMs while trying to manage a massive external hard drive and doling out big bucks for large servers. These days, companies can back up all of their critical and sensitive data without even a click of the mouse. The cloud and cloud computing solutions have completely automated the process of data backup, making it clear that all businesses can benefit from offsite backup for their data.

Off-site data backup is seamless. Before cloud computing solutions, backing up data was time consuming and tedious. When you hire a backup and data recovery company, you no longer need to rely on remembering to back up data. Instead, IT professionals will establish a backup schedule that will not interfere with business hours and can be scheduled after your team goes home for the day.

Multiple backup strategies implemented. For offsite backup companies such as Golden Gate, many different forms of backup methods may be utilized based on the nature of your enterprise. With each of these options, the most recent version of your data is backed up and fully recoverable.

State of the art security. Off-site data backup is always the more reliable method when compared to traditional methods. Since the backup procedure is automated, all of your company’s data is backed up on a daily basis, providing employees with access your most recent data. Backups can be initiated from multiple devices, so if one server crashes, the backups will continue to be performed.

Simple installation. Since the backup system is setup and managed by an expert IT solutions company, there is no need for a complicated infrastructure. As your company expands, cloud solutions can grow with your company’s demand with virtually no downtime.

Save money. Offsite backups reduce the workload of the company and, therefore, saves your business money while increasing productivity. When companies elect to store their data off site, they are only required to pay for the data they utilize.