Your documents, whether they are in paper or digital form, are crucial to the livelihood of your company. However, managing large numbers of documents—especially when they come from different sources, departments, and locations—can be quite challenging. Thankfully, there’s a better way to store your files: document management.

A document management solution provides you with the ability to store your documents in a centralized database that you can turn to when you need access to them. This technology provides numerous benefits for an organization, from increasing productivity to optimizing document storage to boosting revenue. Perhaps most important of all, document management provides you with the ability to improve the security of your sensitive documents and the data within them.

How does document management improve the security of your confidential information?

Everyone knows document security is essential to your company. Regardless of the industry you operate within, your documents are likely full on sensitive data that needs to be safeguarded. Document management gives you enhanced control over your sensitive documents by enabling you to control who sees them. Access controls allow you to set different permissions by department and employee. Perhaps more importantly, a document management system provides an audit trail for your files, easily allowing you to see who has a viewed a document, when it was accessed, and whether the user made any changes or edits to it. You can even see if they exported the document, emailed it to someone else, or made a hard copy by printing it on paper. Depending on the document management solution, alerts can even be issued to designated parties any time a person attempts to perform a suspicious activity with one of your documents.

Document management also improves regulatory compliance.

Depending on your industry, many organizations are subject to regulatory compliance and required to follow certain document storage, archival, and destruction protocols. These requirements are often extensive, and can be challenging to comply with. However, with a document management solution in place, you can automate your document compliance practices, to avoid running afoul of regulations. This helps assure regulatory compliance and helps you avoid costly non-compliance fines or other sanctions.

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