The Association for Information and Image Management definition of electronic document management systems (DMS) is as good as any: DMS is the use of computers to “store, manage, and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information.” That information is typically gathered using a document scanner.

In short, electronic document management is the way your organization processes your electronic documents and frees you from expensive paper. DMS gives you a competitive edge.

For San Francisco businesses, electronic document management can provide a competitive edge to grow your business. That edge can be honed through cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and migrating to a secure level of compliance and security. That edge equates to opportunities for growth, as well as keeping up with the pack of San Francisco business that are also heading down the paperless path.

Calculate Your Costs

Are you still relying on paper processes to conduct business? Investigate and analyze your paper-reliant processes and storage systems. Calculate your paper and printing costs, the capital investment you have in file cabinets and the cost of the office space you occupy. Do all those costs provide an acceptable return on investment? As your paper files sit in storage, there is no ROI.

You can phase out your paper processes and storage system with DMS. In turn, you can redirect the savings to programs that grow the business.

Clear the Clutter

Migrating to paperless processes and digitizing those archived business files will make your business more efficient. Integrate a digitized, streamlined workflow and administrative tasks into core business processes, and, again, follow the money savings to paperless processes.

Link your San Francisco business processes through document management applications. You have nothing to lose but your data silos.

Increase Security

Document management systems are the business edge you need for disaster recovery and resiliency.  Bad document security can sink a business. Document management technology brings data encryption and can include secure off-site storage. You can set up document access rules, secure password protection, and have the peace of mind that comes with being fully compliant with federal, state and local security regulations.

Opportunities for Growth

From San Francisco to Walnut Creek and beyond, thousands of businesses are adopting electronic document management. To keep up with (and stay ahead of) the pack, you need to integrate electronic document management across and storage practices all your business processes.

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