There are few environments as paper-intensive as a law firm is. They’re inundated with documents that need to be carefully managed and smartly stored for quick and easy access. To that end, it’s hard to think of a solution that will help keep a law office running more organized and efficiently than document management software. Here are some areas in which a document management solution can positively impact your law firm.

Searching within Documents
The ability to quickly and successfully search voluminous legal documents and briefs for the information you are seeking is vital to an efficient practice. Document management software enables you to insert metadata for keywords into each digital document (client names, topics, etc.) to classify and organize it, making it infinitely easier to search your files and find the content you are looking for. No more time wasted manually poring over documents.

Securing Your Confidential Client Data
Document security should be a priority for any business, but law offices face heightened concerns about keeping sensitive client information private. Paper documents are extremely vulnerable to unauthorized access; however, when your documents are digitized and assimilated into a document management solution, these risks are mitigated. With document management, only authorized users are able to access particular documents and files through pre-designated permissions. This will prevent confidential client data from ending up in the wrong hands.

Billing and Time Tracking
Law offices must employ an accurate time-tracking solution to ensure accurate billing for clients. Document management software enables you to automatically link billable hours to cases so you can provide accurate and transparent billing while getting paid significantly faster for your hard work.

Working Remotely
Legal professionals need the ability to remotely access their documents online and work with them from anywhere. Remember that time you left an essential document back at the office? Situations like those become a thing of the past, as document management enables you to securely access up-to-date files from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone from outside of the office.

With so much paperwork involved in practicing law, it’s hard to envision a firm operating at peak efficiency without a solution to securely organize its documents and accelerate the file retrieval process. Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions today to learn more about our document management software.