Every business has printing needs that create overhead costs to operate. But, there is not a single solution for every business. Only Managed Print Services (MPS) offers a one-stop solution to reduce your level of in-house printer maintenance demands and printer inventory tracking. If you want to free up your administrative employee’s time and energy to focus on your core business, then MPS offers the best way to keep your employees productive and your business workflows moving efficiently.

What is Managed Print Services?

When you partner with a Managed Print Service (MPS) provider, you gain access to experts in printer technology that have the experienced personnel needed to optimize your printing operations and manage the daily oversight of your print environment. MPS providers answer your needs for in-house printer support, maintenance, and management. Your business also avoids the high cost of using large commercial printing services that provide one service— project-based print services—for exorbitant fees.

Managed Print Services goes beyond what big-box retail equipment and printing services can provide. These retailers only protect your print equipment for the short time it’s under warranty. Otherwise, you are responsible for managing your fleet of printer equipment. As your operations expand and business demands increase, retail print equipment and print service companies won’t help you understand your new operating needs.

A growing business requires a print demand strategy to determine the number of printers, copiers, and multifunction printers (MFPs) you will need to meet new demand. You also receive no support from retailers with troubleshooting a broken printer, keeping track of print supplies, and no direction on regular maintenance to keep your print operations running smoothly.

What are the Benefits of Managed Print Services?

The success of your company means eliminating wasted time and wasted money from inefficient office workflows. Imagine the amount of time your staff takes to deal with print issues daily. For a business that is busy improving their products/services and meeting customer demand, Managed Print Services will typically charge one flat monthly fee, saving companies up to 30% when compared to retail or commercial print service providers. Other benefits of MPS include:


  • Create a Printer Management Strategy – Just like your other business operations, your printing needs should be optimized to meet your business demands. MPS can identify and solve your print issues, so your company operates proactively instead of reacting to down equipment, printer supplies inventory shortages, and low-quality prints due to employees not understanding the full capabilities of your printer equipment.
  • Consistent IT Overhead Budget – With Managed Print Services, you can anticipate the costs of your IT print resources as all printing is tracked for each user and each usage to give you a clear picture of the full extent of all your printing costs. MPS can also help you identify hidden print environment costs, including employee burden rates and inefficiencies due to outdated equipment.
  • Cost-Per-Page Savings – Businesses that require a lot of paper documents will reap the cost benefits of MPS by eliminating ineffective print activities, such as employees that unnecessarily print in color using a nearby desktop printer that has a high cost per page. Your printer costs per page depend on the type of print technology equipment you’re using, along with the printer brand and the printer model number.
  • Confident Printer Security – Cyber attacks from hackers can occur from any point within your IT network, including your LAN and WAN based printer networks. A Managed Print Services provider can assess your risk for printer hard drive intrusion and keep all your printer information backed-up with the latest software downloads that are needed to fight new cyber threats.


All these benefits work together to save your company money, time, and effort. A Managed Print Services company has advanced print solutions and business operations technology to make sure your company can compete in fast-tracked business sectors.

Is Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

If you’re not sure whether Managed Print Services is right for your business, consider the print failure frustrations and missed deadlines you may have already experienced directly due to poorly managed printing operations. All businesses must face the challenge of using office equipment that is becoming more complex with excellent features to aid in productivity.

But, technology isn’t useful if it’s not being used. We find that most companies will buy modern office equipment such as MFPs that can copy, print, fax, scan, and transmit documentation over the internet. The problem arises when these machines aren’t used to their fullest potential. Working with an MPS partner ensures your staff is trained on all of the devices in your print fleet so they can make the most out of the tools available to them.

Also, your printing operations require a strategy just like any other part of your business IT infrastructure. If you haven’t sat down and calculated the costs associated with your printing operations, you might be surprised at how much waste and cost overruns your business has incurred. Managed Print Services offers an overall print environment strategy that reduces waste, improves your printing operations, and offers a transparent cost evaluation that remains constant and reliable.

When you know the total cost of ownership of your print equipment, you can decide where MPS can help. Whether it’s by reducing your overall print costs or giving you an effective way to streamline printing operations, MPS can help you gain the greatest value through the life of your office equipment.

Contact Golden Gate Office Solutions to learn more about implementing Managed Print Services in your San Francisco business. We can help you determine your total print expenses, both the direct costs to buy and operate print equipment and the soft or indirect costs which are often overlooked. These include printer supplies, employee burden rates, printer maintenance, and printer replacement costs. We’ll also optimize your print infrastructure, automate meter reads, and more as part of our MPS program. We look forward to hearing from you!