A wide-format printer allows businesses to print images beyond the size limitations of traditional desktop printers. The print roll can stretch up to 100 inches in width. This gives you the ability to print out full-color media for a variety of applications. Here is why your business needs a wide-format printer.

Improve Your Advertising and Marketing Efforts

Traditional advertising and marketing aren’t dead in the digital age. People still trust printed media. Large prints give you another marketing funnel to utilize for your business.

A bold, custom, and colorful poster advertising your business, service, or new product will stand out. A well-designed poster will also remind people to consider what your business offers while shopping around. With a large print, you can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Draw attention and boost visibility
  • Make a statement
  • Showcase an old or new product

These prints are ideal for local events, trade shows, and other places where they can be showcased to a large number of people. Wide format printing can benefit small businesses, large businesses, and even public sector institutions.

Your large prints aren’t limited to paper. You can print on a variety of materials. Your marketing and advertising efforts can continue to grow as you figure out new ways to benefit from your printer.

Save Money by Bringing Your Printing In-House

With a wide-format printer, you won’t have to outsource your printing duties. Your large prints will look just as good, if not better, than anything most third-party companies can provide. In fact, many third parties are using the very same type of printer to fulfill your printing requests.

Wide-format prints are vibrant and beautiful thanks to the droplet technology used to create large prints. The technology allows the printer to quickly create pixel perfect images. This process creates high-quality images quickly.

You can do much more with a wide-format printer. Any business that requires large prints for any reason can get what they need from these printers. Even if you don’t already make use of large prints, maybe now you can start seeing some of the possibilities for your business.

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