There are many business benefits to using a multifunction printer (MFP) in your office. An MFP is a device that faxes, copies, scans, and prints documents. An MFP can help you run a more productive company. Here are a few ways a multifunction printer can increase office productivity.

Save on Space

Many companies pay a premium for office space to run their operations, and it’s always good to shave as much off that total as you can. Besides making your employees more comfortable, you could also benefit in the following ways:

  • Less office equipment means that moving will be simpler less expensive
  • You can create waiting rooms for clients, recreational rooms, or perhaps a mini snack bar with the extra square footage
  • You can fit additional workspaces, enhancing your team’s output
  • Experiment with an open floor plan to encourage creativity

Less Maintenance Required

Four different machines will need more repairs than a multifunction printer, as there will be more components that can experience malfunctions. In addition, you will find that:

  • Dealing with only one set of software programs and drivers will provide fewer opportunities for running into problems
  • When your multifunction printer does need more than one fix, it will be less time-consuming than with separate units
  • You will save money by needing one service tech

It Will Result in Less Waste

Saving money is an essential aspect of running a successful business. A multifunction printer is less expensive than four separate machines. During its lifetime, there will also not be as much outlay on accessories, updates, and general maintenance. In addition, it will:

  • Save time on running back and forth to complete different tasks
  • Create less environmental impact, as you will only need one toner cartridge
  • Reduce costs with fewer supply orders

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