Does it seem like you are always feeding your office printers new toner cartridges? Buying name-brand products can quickly put a dent in your annual office supply budget. On the other hand, compatible toner cartridges are a great way to lower your cost of doing business without affecting the quality of your prints or productivity.

What is the difference between OEM and compatible toners?
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which is what your laser printer’s owners manual will always recommend that you use. This makes sense, as the manufacturer of a device will want users to buy their consumables to ensure their ongoing revenue. A compatible toner cartridge is designed and built to work in your laser printer but is manufactured by a different company. Think of a compatible as ‘generic’ product; it simply lacks the manufacturer branding stamped into the plastic housing like your OEM toner cartridge.

Do compatible toner cartridges perform as well as their OEM counterparts?
If you print out a page using compatible toner and place it next to a page printed by an OEM product, you likely will not be able to tell the difference. Compatible toner cartridges purchased from a reputable office technology provider produce similar print quality and page yield to OEM cartridges. They are also installed and recycled exactly the same way as the OEM cartridge.

What’s the price difference between compatible and OEM toner cartridges?
Compatible toners can save you up to 40 percent over the cost of OEM toner cartridges. Printer manufacturers typically sell printers at a loss, counting on the sale of their OEM cartridges to those same consumers to make up the difference. The savings provided by using compatible toner cartridges really add up over the lifetime of your unit—did you know that the cost of toner over four years can equal 30 times the cost of the laser printer itself? Compatible toner cartridges will net significant savings over the life of the device.

Will using a Compatible Toner Void my Warranty?
Unless you sign a maintenance agreement with the manufacturer of your copiers and printers, nobody can require you to use an OEM cartridge in your device to maintain the warranty. As long as you take care of your office equipment, using compatible toner cartridges will not void your warranty.

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