Businesses today are keenly aware that to be competitive, they have to minimize costs, maximize efficiencies, and focus on getting results. Fortunately, one tool can help accomplish all of these: Managed Print Services (MPS). With MPS, your entire print infrastructure—devices, supplies, maintenance, troubleshooting—are handled by a dedicated, outside vendor. An MPS partner is an essential ally in maximizing your complex print environment—whether your office has a few printers and copiers or hundreds. Read on for a few ways MPS can help your business succeed.

Lower costs — When the tallies are complete, as much as 6 percent of your business expenses may be going to printing and related services. Switching to externally-managed print services can save you as much as 30 percent on your printing costs. What would you do with those extra funds?

Save time — Supplies need to be ordered, maintenance has to be performed, troubleshooting must be managed. An MPS partner saves your company precious time by handling all of the above. No more running out to get a toner refill, and gone are the days of your IT team spinning their wheels to troubleshoot problems with your fleet.

Increase efficiencies — Centralizing your print services with your MPS provider also opens doors for improved workflows and increased efficiency. With the experience and expertise of your MPS partner, you can consolidate devices—merging your printer, copier, scanner, and fax all into one machine. They will also make sure the printers in your office are optimized in function, location, and number. With MPS, each team member has the print resources they need while no resources are wasted.

Get better data — MPS provides unparalleled insight into your print operations. You can see the print behavior of your various users and departments. Determine who prints color unnecessarily, or which machines are in high demand versus which are underutilized. MPS gives you the information you need to make adjustments that save your business money.

The benefits of Managed Print Services are substantial. By leveraging the expertise of an MPS partner, you can get the most out of your print environment while keeping focus on your core, value-adding work. To see how MPS can help your business, contact Golden Gate Office Products today.