Inevitably there comes a time when every business is forced to make a change to their existing office technology and related devices. The real decision often isn’t which piece of equipment is best suited for your needs, but rather how this device will be acquired. Should your organization lease its office technology or should it buy? For most businesses, leasing devices is your best bet. To help you understand why, let’s take a look at some of the major advantages to leasing office technology.

Makes budgeting easy
Let’s start with the financial advantages. Leasing allows you to get the equipment and tools you need without the burden of the full, up-front cost. In other words, your initial costs are much lower in comparison to buying the equipment outright. Your payments will also be regular and fixed, making it easy to balance your budget. On top of that, your credit is freed up for other purchases, since leases are not like bank loans that are connected to your credit.

Enables you to stay current with the latest technology
With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, office equipment tends to age rather quickly. This is an area in which leasing can help. Leasing allows you to exchange an obsolete piece of equipment at the end of the leasing term, and replace it with modern technology. If you bought that device you would be stuck with it, no matter how poor a fit it may be for your workflows at the time.

Eliminates maintenance headaches
When you lease a device, your office technology provider will offer a maintenance plan that is often included into the lease itself. For many small businesses with limited IT staffs, these maintenance plans are reason enough to choose a leasing option. Your provider will be responsible for the maintenance on your devices and handle any malfunctions or breakdowns that may occur.

Provides a tax deduction
Leasing your office equipment qualifies for tax deductions. Even better, lease payments are often deductable as business expenses. This removes those messy depreciation calculations from the equation.

Leasing office equipment tends to provide the most favorable options to businesses, especially those small- to medium-sized companies that strive to have access to the latest technology. For more information on leasing your office technology and equipment, contact Golden Gate Office Solutions.