The modern multifunction printer (MFP) leaves its predecessors in the toner dust. These smart, versatile workhorses combine the capabilities of multiple other devices and play an invaluable role in the workflows of offices around the world by optimizing efficiency. However, many companies fail to take full advantage of their MFPs by ignoring the beneficial finishing options available on their devices. Finishing refers to actions performed on printed materials after they’ve been printed, and this is accomplished through a number of methods. To help you get more out of your multifunction printer, here are some of the finishing options available today that can help you eliminate manual tasks and create high-quality, presentation-worthy deliverables your company can be proud of.

Collating – This feature is standard on the vast majority of modern MFPs, enabling you to print multiple copies of multiple-page documents in the appropriate order. Collating prevents your staff from having to manually sort documents and place the pages in the correct order after printing. This is especially important in environments that print multiple copies of large documents on a regular basis.

Hole punching – If your business regularly prints documents that will be stored in three-ring binders, automatic hole punching will save you a great deal of time and spare you from hours of tedious, manual labor. Your MFP can handle this task for you, as your printed documents are automatically punched in the appropriate places.

Stapling – Manually stapling large quantities of documents into smaller packets is another mind-numbing chore for employees, and one your MFP can handle as well. Simply choose the binding edge you would like stapled and the number of staples you require, then put your MFP to work while you focus your attention on a more important task.

Booklet Printing – If your company puts together and distributes manuals, user guides, or important reports that will be distributed to clients, prospects, shareholders, or other V.I.P.s, you’ll greatly benefit from booklet printing. This enables you to print on two sides of a piece of paper, then automatically folding the page down the middle to make two smaller booklet pages

Folding – Paper folding is another task your employees don’t need to waste their time on. Your MFP can fold your printed documents a number of different ways, from C-Folds that create three panels for documents to be stuffed into envelopes, to Z-Folds that create six panels of equal size, a technique commonly used for flyers and brochures.

These are the most common finishing options available on most modern multifunction printers, and as you can see, they are designed to say your staff time by taking on manual tasks associated with creating high-quality documents. If you’d like to learn more about the finishing options on your MFP, contact us today.